DUM Dual-Entry Cables

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MrSpeakers’ premium 24AWG (per conductor) cable for Alpha and ETHER headphones.



Product Description

STATUS: DUM Cables are in stock.

DUM stands for Distinctly-un-magical cables.  DUM uses no magic copper crystals or pixie dust insulators.  DUM is a 24-guage (per conductor) OFHC cable designed in collaboration with a guy who’s forgotten more about cables than we will likely ever know; we told him what we needed, he went through a LOT of iterations with us to dial the sound in, and we got DUM.  And it was good to be DUM.

To our ears what sets DUM cables apart from our stock cable is a fuller, cleaner and more detailed sound with a deeper soundstage and a very organic upper register.  As of November 2015, we have improved the cable’s flexibility so it now has a nice relaxed drape and microphonics are greatly reduced.

If you’re not sure (or negative) about whether a cable can actually make a difference, check some DUM cables out at a meet and compare to stock, it’s pretty easy to hear the difference.

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Additional Information

DUM Cable

1/4″, 4-pin XLR, 3.5mm, 2.5mm Balanced, 10′ 1/4″, 10′ 4-pin XLR

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  1. 5 out of 5


    The DUM cable transformed my Alpha Dog into a whole new headphone. There was a big increase in detail and transparancy, and this was accomplished without the slightest brightness or harshness at the top end. Indeed, a silky smoothness accompanied the much extended highs! The music was more involving and revealed delicate timbres that had eluded the standard cable. I’m very happy with this combination. Kudios to all concerned.

    Phillip Marcus

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