“Doggie Treats” Tweaking Kit

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This is a high-frequency tuning kit for customizing treble on Mad Dog and Alpha Dog Headphones (included with Alpha Dog, Alpha Prime and Mad Dog Pro headphones).


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Product Description

This kit includes four “BlueMonkeyDots” and four felt discs that can be combined to smooth or tune down the treble on any RP-series headphone, including the Alpha Dog and the Mad Dog and headphones tuned by DIY enthusiasts or other vendors.

This kit can be used to reduce treble hot-spots or to change the tone of the phone to be slightly “darker.”  It is only needed if you feel some fine-tuning of the highs on your headphone might be desirable; if you feel the highs are just where you want them, then this kit is not needed.

We liken this to “tube rolling,” if you are satisfied with the stock sound, leave the headphones as is.  If you are curious, or have some specific changes you’d like to hear, it’s an affordable and easy system for tweeking.

The kit includes:

  1. 4 tuning dots to apply to the “ear side” of the driver
  2. 4 felt discs that can be inserted under the ear pad without removing the pads from the headphones.

The materials serve different purposes.  The tuning dots will smooth the treble response, making it less peaky.  It has a minimal effect on the overall brightness of the treble.  The felt discs reduce all treble above about 3,000Hz by about 1 dB for one disc and up to 3 dB for two discs.

You can test the materials in any combination (only dots, only felt, 1 dot 1felt, etc) to shape the sound to your specific preference.  A youtube video will be posted shortly showing how the materials are installed.

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