Complete ETHER Flow Upgrade



Product Description

If you own an ETHER or ETHER C Headphone, you may upgrade it to an ETHER Flow or ETHER C Flow.

The Complete upgrade allows you to convert your open ETHER to either an ETHER Flow or an ETHER C Flow, while an ETHER C may be converted to ETHER C Flow or ETHER Flow.  Note:  If your headphone baffles are damaged we will contact you regarding possible repairs.

The Complete upgrade includes:

  • Upgrade to a production ETHER Flow or ETHER C Flow (regardless of whether you own ETHER or ETHER C)*
  • Upgrade and replace both drivers**
  • Add “FLOW” slider to headband
  • Certificate of authenticity and SN registry entry
  • Replace ear pads
  • Replace ear cups or grills
  • Flow box

Upgrade Directions:

  1. Please carefully pack your headphone in the clamshell case
    1. Include a copy of your purchase receipt in the box
    2. Do NOT return your cables.
  2. Ship with tracking and insurance to MrSpeakers, Upgrades, 3366 Kurtz St, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92110, USA.  +1.619.501.6313
  3. If you are overseas, be sure to mark your export as a return for service, and note your serial number.  We will try to minimize taxes and duties to the lowest legal level possible, having the correct paperwork from you helps a lot.
    1. If you are in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Great Britain or Japan, we are working with your distributor to aggregate upgrades so you won’t have to handle exports.  Other distributors may follow.  Full distrbutor upgrade program details will follow in the 2nd week of September.

*Original Open ETHER headphones use silver bolts on the headband assembly, while ETHER C and both flow models use bronze-tinted bolts.  The bolts are not replaced for ETHER headphones, other than that upgraded headphones will be identical to new Flow headphones.

**In order to precision match drivers we will need to remove and replace one of the baffles.  If your headphone has visible damage to the metal baffle we will notify you and offer the option to replace the damaged part for additional expense.

Additional Information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 9 x 6 in
Model you wish to receive



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