Sept 2016: ETHER C Flow “Best Closed Headphone”

“I have no problem calling the Ether C Flow the best closed headphone on the market now.”

September 2016: MrSpeakers Makes World-Class Headphones

“The Ether Flow and Ether C Flow are two of this year’s most sumptuous new creations.”

AUGUST 2016: ETHER Flow is a World Class Headphone

“With the Ether Flow I think Dan and the Mr. Speaker crew have punched through into the world-class level.”

April 2016: Electrostatic Prototype

“…the high point of the show, the MrSpeakers Ether Electrostatic (TBD) headphones.”

April 2016: ETHER C is a World Class Headphone

ETHER C joins Innerfidelity’s Wall of Fame!

March 2016: CNET Says ETHER C Takes it to the Limit

As the hours rolled by the Ether C kept surprising me, from one recording to the next they all sounded nice; the music always drew me in.

March 2016: Mad Lust Envy’s Gaming Guide Reviews ETHER C

Spoiler alert:  “…if I was in the market for a closed headphone at this price range, I honestly wouldn’t even consider anything else.”

March 2016: ETHER Electrostatic Preview

“This will, without a doubt, be a top-tier model to watch carefully…”

March 2016: DAR Previews ETHER Electrostatic

“…a weighty presentation with good bass reach.” Also, a video interview.

December 2015: Best of 2015 Award, ETHER

“…comfortable to boot and mildly efficient, the Ether is a memorable new headphone for the next generation of listeners to enjoy….”

December 2015: Best of 2015 ETHER Award

“…the only one that quenches my desire to revert to my loudspeakers, and I cannot give a higher compliment than that.”

December 2015: Writer’s Choice for ETHER C

“What I mean by the “Outside-In” is that the ETHER-Cs stage much like a loudspeaker in a loaded room. The experience is airy, open and dimensional. How do they manage this in a closed-back?”

December 2015: Writer’s Choice for ETHER C

“…right now this is the closed planar to beat for me in the coming months.”

DECEMBER 2015: Writers Choice for ETHERs

“…a world-class headphone that offers unparalleled comfort to boot.”

December 2015: ETHER Wins Best Buy 2015

MrSpeakers’ ETHER offers an amazing level of expressiveness. The transparent, pure tone combines with a powerful energetic feeling that will make the headphone world even more interesting than it was before.

December 2015: ETHER and ETHER C

“MrSpeakers have matured into a major player on the current planar headfi scene. This turns up competitive heat.” 

November 2015: Holiday Gift Guide, ETHER C

Rolling Stone selects ETHER C for the Holiday Gift Guide!

November 2015: Mike Mercer, ETHER C

I’m completely addicted to listening to music through my beloved ETHER-Cs.

November 2015: Tyll, ETHER

For a long time Mr. Speakers’ Dan Clark, Founder and CEO, has worked his way up the ladder from enthusiast, to modifier, to manufacturer of heavily modified Fostex T50RP headphones.

October 2015: RMAF, ETHER(s)

…if you are at all like me—you may find you prefer whichever one you happen to be listening to at the moment.

October 2015: ETHER Review

The MrSpeakers ETHER just goes to show that a world-class headphone needn’t require a big corporation to produce it.

October 2015: Tyll, ETHER C at RMAF

The Ether C I heard at the show sounded quite good—probably the best sounding sealed planar magnetic headphone I’ve heard to date.

October 2015: Scot Hull, ETHER C

Back in March, Dan Clark launched a revolutionary new headphone under his MrSpeakers brand — the Ether.

September 2015: Frank Iacone, ETHER C

Dan Clark has been on a creative roll since he started tinkering with his Alpha Dog modifications. The evolution of MrSpeakers has been one of the most successful stories in personal audio.

July 2015: Currawong, ETHER

Currawong reviews ETHER and thinks it will be a new favorite among audiophile headphone fans.

June 2015: Matt Poe, ETHER

At the end of the day, the ETHER hits all the check boxes for me.

June 2015: Warren Chi, ETHER

Warren reviews ETHER and discovers his new reference headphone!

June 2015: MattTCG, ETHER

MattTCG reviews ETHER and compares it to the Sennheiser HD800 and HE1000, and finds ETHER is the best fit to his preferences.

May 2015: John Darko, ETHER

John does an ambush review on ETHER, and gives it a “knock out” award.

August 2015: Jude, ETHER C

The evolution of MrSpeakers has been one of the more compelling company stories in our community of the past several years.

July 2015: Michael Mercer, ETHER

Michael finds a new reference planar in Pt 1 and Pt 2 of his ETHER headphone review.

April 2015: Frank Iacone, ETHER

Frank reviews Alpha Prime and concludes it’s “…highly recommended.”

January 2015: Srajan Ebaen, Alpha Prime

Srajan takes the Alpha Prime out for a walk and concludes it’s “…a top-end sealed planar which eclipses mega corp Oppo’s finest not on looks or build but sound.”

November 2014: Steve Guttenberg, Alpha Prime

Steve Guttenberg spends some enjoyable time with the new Alpha Prime headphone.

August 2014: Michael Mercer, Alpha Prime

Michael Mercer brings out the first full review of the Alpha Prime on!

August 2014: Brent Butterworth, Soundstage

Brent stops by for a listen to Alpha Prime at RMAF and really enjoys the soundstage. Ironically his coverage is for!

August 2014: Audiophilia Staff

The Audiophilia staff visits us at RMAF and enjoys Alpha Prime.

August 2014: John Darko, Digital Audio Review

John gets a sneak-peak at Alpha Prime during the New York Audio Show and concludes “If you can’t afford the Prime, don’t audition them.”

July 2014: John Grandberg, Part-Time Audiophile

John compares the Alpha Dog to the Fostex TH900 and LCD-XC and finds the Alpha Dog can “…hang with cans costing 2-3 times as much…”

July, 2014: Robert Levi, Positive Feedback

Robert reviews the Alpha Dog for Positive Feedback and gives it a “Highest Recommendation!”

July, 2014: Audiophilia

Audiophilia’s editor visited us Capital Audiofest and for the first time found himself involved in the music using headphones. He gave our Alpha Dog/Cavalli Liquid Glass Amp/Aurilic Vega DAC a “Best of Show” award.

June, 2014: Steven Rochlin, Enjoy the Music

Steven stopped by for a listen, and seems to have really enjoyed the music.

May, 2014: Marcus Downey, Headfonics

Marcus connects with the Alpha Dog and finds “The Alpha Dogs reminds me why I got into headphones in the first place.”

April, 2014: Greg May, truly gadgets

Greg gets his paws on the Alpha Dog here and finds the sound “…the sound was to sway us, and keep us swaying.”

February, 2014: Steven Stone, Home Theater Review

Steven Stone’s glowing review of the Alpha Dog can be found on Home Theatre Review

January 22, 2014: Michael Ting, Headfonia

Mike reviews the Alpha Dog and calls it a Masterpiece!

January 22, 2014: Chris Martens, Hi-Fi+

Chris has a listen at the Austin Head-Fi meet and enjoys what he hears

January 5, 2014: John Grandberg Part Time Audiophile

John Grandberg reviews his 5 favorite under $500 headphones and concludes the Mad Dog to be an excellent performer and value.

December, 2013: John H. Darko in Digital Audio Review

John Darko comments on the Alpha Dog’s great price/performance in Keeping it Honest

December, 2013: Srajen Ebaen Reviews the Audez’e LCD-XC

Srajan reviews the excellent Audez’e LCD-XC and finds that the Alpha Dog’s set a high bar at 1/3 the price. Congrats to Audez’e on the great review, too.