October 2015: RMAF, ETHER(s)

As was the case at the CanJam London show just a few weeks ago, MrSpeaker was showing both of its new planar magnetic headphones: the open-back Ether and the closed-back Ether C, both of which are priced at $1,499. Candidly, a number of companies have attempted to build ‘equivalent’ open and closed-back versions of their top headphone models, but in virtually every case the open-back models wind up sounding decidedly better than their closed-back counterparts. However, the Ethers are different. Because the Ether C uses a substantially different driver to the one used in the Ether, it would be fair to say that the two models are able to compete on a level footing and that, in practice, they offer subtly different yet complementary strengths so that