December 2015: ETHER Wins Best Buy 2015

“This is an open headphone by MrSpeakers, a new headphone company founded about two-and-a-half years ago in San Diego, California. They key here is the V-Planar driver, an original technology used by MrSpeakers to ensure that the diaphragm moves as a plane. This resolves the diaphragm flexion issue which had been the major weak point of traditional planar driver designs by attenuating non-linear deformation of the driver unit. Specifically, the diaphragm is folded like an accordion and expands or contracts with the signal to realize planar motion closer to the ideal. This results in a sound that is at once full and relaxed, a natural representation of the music without adornment. The sound is lively and crisp in terms of both micro- and macro-dynamics, and will not become fatiguing even through extended listening sessions. The natural presentation holds for high-res music as well, and voices in particular sound lush. These headphones are as comforting and inviting as a set of large speakers. I hope you can try them.”

“Of all these, “