December 2015: ETHER and ETHER C

That had been code-named Dreadnaught. It was closed before the back came off and the air in, hence Ether. Now there were two. Twice the fun, double the flavour? Not all applications justify leaky sound. Should you care about fellow workers and co-benchers on the bus. For those apps, a sealed design is the special ops solution. It may actually not be 100% sealed. Still, it will attenuate sound leakage to a bare minimum, particularly if you don’t blast it to begin with. Sealers also tend to do different bass. That adds another aspect to making that choice. Max soundstage freaks meanwhile tend to prefer open headphones for their maximum soundstage mojo. Thus the standing dare: if you can—big if!—author a closed-back headphone that sounds as open, fast and transparent as an open one. Decisions, decisions. Macho challenges. Duels in the sun of San Diego. That’s where MrSpeakers are headquartered. John Wayne in speedos, facing off against his reflection? Fun and games were afoot – well, no, ahead